Mark earned his bachelors at UCLA and then went on to law school at Hastings in San Francisco. While living in San Francisco Mark enrolled in painting classes at the Academy of Art and began to execute copies of the masters in oil: Degas, Picasso and Modigliani. These copies were in a sense a continuation of his childhood preoccupation with drawing. In particular, he was fascinated with drawing women’s eyes depicted in Vogue Magazine.

The mid to late 1990s saw him up his commitment to becoming an accomplished painter. He journeyed to New York three times for inspiration. These trips brought him in touch with the works of Robert Motherwell, Franz Kline, Vasily Kandinsky and Clyfford Still. The inspiration, particularly from Motherwell and Kline, resulted in a series of 14 paintings called the Black Line Abstracts for which he earned a show at the California Museum of Art in 1998. Shortly thereafter, came the New York Green Abstracts - another series of paintings coming from the exposure to great artists in the New York museums. These range in size from 7' x 3' feet to 40" x 30".

Mark V. Jacobson's recent exhibitions include ALL THINGS ORANGE at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts in Healdsburg, CA and the Cleveland Ingenuity Fair. In 2011 he had 2 successful shows during the open studios at Art Explosion, San Francisco’s largest art collective. Upcoming are Red Dot Miami 2012 and ArtExpo NYC 2013.

"My process is to create such vibrant, intense, beautiful colors that you, the viewer, is drawn into the canvas in a very visceral way. Creating abstracts without any subject matter I believe makes the work more accessible emotionally. I use predominantly organic shapes. I often rework the canvas until each color is perfect next to the adjacent color which results in a sort of “soft” intensity. I want every color to sing."

Orange Flowers
2012 40 x 30